Apps to watch free movies online

These days most of the people are moving online and love to watch movies online instead of bringing dvds to home and sitting in front of the dvd player waiting for it to play.

Because of the digital world its very easy to watch movies online now with out going through any hassle. Just open the app and start watching movie online.

Vizer tv is considered as one of the best app for this as it gives you the opportunity to to watch movies animes and much more.

You can easily download its apk file and install just like you download 9apps apk which is the best alternative of google playstore. Most of the apps available on 9apps is free of cost and doesnt cost you any penny.

Vizer tv was first developed for brazil and only for android but as time passed it got very popular and they have to make it available for english people as well.

First it was free but as time passed they made it paid and people have to buy a subscription before watching any movie on vizer tv so in order to bypass this developer started providing it apk file which can be installed for free and you can enjoy watching movies and your favourite series with out paying a single cent.

Below are some of the features of vizer tv :

Here are some of the key features of Vizer TV…

Its free

Unlike many of the other streaming apps, Vizer TV is completely free of cost. Means you won’t have to pay any dollars to watch Movies, or TV shows.

What you need is an internet connection. If you have it, then there is nothing else that you need. All you need to do is just to sit back on your couch, connect your device to the internet, and enjoy unlimited access to unlimited content.


When an app or website provides you everything for free, you know that there is something wrong with it. Afterall, who would give you so much, for nothing?

You may have the same thoughts while choosing Vizer TV. But no worries, because the developers of this app have made sure that you have the most secure possible experience while using this app, without any security threats. You can trust it without any second thoughts.

Anime Streaming

While most of the other apps are just limited to movies and TV shows, Vizer TV provides you something extra. Which is, unlimited Anime streaming. Enjoy all of your favorite Anime without any interruptions with Vizer Tv, free of cost.

HD content

Everything that you are going to watch on Vizer TV is in HD print. Unlike most of the other apps, that provides you with quite “huge” content, without caring about quality, Vizer TV has kept it as a priority to give you quality instead of quantity. So whatever you find there, you will enjoy it in the best possible quality.

External Video Player Use

Ever heard that you can use the video player of your own choice to stream online stuff? Obviously not. But guess what, Vizer TV is full of surprises, and it’s one of them. Now you can use an offline video player to watch your favourite videos online, which is quite impressive.

User-Friendly Interface

With vizer TV, it doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced device user. Everyone can use it properly and easily because of its user friendly interface. In short, you won’t feel any difficulties while using this app, for everything is easy to find, or in simple words, straight forward.

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