Farming Simulator 18 APK Review

Farming simulator is a simulator in which you have to manage your farm and do farming stuff like growing crops, taking care of your fields, take ripened corps and sell it to earn money to grow another field. In the start you will be provided with a cultivator which you have to use to ready the field for harvesting. You have to achieve the target with in the limits. In this game the main limit is your gas within the specific amount of gas you have to get the job done other wise you have to pay money to fill the gas. This is one of the best game to enjoy as a tractor driver and a responsible farm owner.

In this game you have to do all the jobs that a real farmer does like getting ready your field by cultivator, planting seeds, watering your fields, taking care your field and plants harvesting it, and selling the final product. By selling your crops you are awarded with a new territory of farms and fields which increases your responsibility and increases your job and plants.

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Farming Simulator 18 Features:

The following are the key features of Farming Simulator:

  • In farming simulator you control a real farming simulator tractor as a professional driver and farmer.
  • In the start you are provided a small piece of land as you go further and further your field and ground increases.
  • In farming simulator you go out in the field manage the farm, plant seeds and harvest crops just like a real farmer. The game provide you the feeling how a real farmers does his jobs and how harvest plants for others.
  • Provide you real feeling about tractor driving by tractor simulator.
  • Harvest plants and sell it to earn more money and lands.

Download Farming Simulator 18 APK

You can download farming simulator 18 apk latest version free via the download button below:


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