How to Watch Netflix for FREE in 2019

If you are searching for a trick about how to watch Netflix for free then you have come to absolutely right place. Today I am going to tell you how you can watch Netflix without paying any single penny.

You must be thinking that if I am joking or making you fool by telling that you can watch Netflix for free but wait. I will show you that how you can watch your favorite series, movies and seasons on Netflix for free.

One of the very first and must thing that you have to keep in your mind is to must have an android phone for this. Yes, and android phone for sure. Why? Well, we all know you can install third party apps on android where as you can not install 3rd party apps on IOS. So, this is the main reason of suggesting you to must have android device in order watch free Netflix content.

Where to Start?

Now, coming back to the topic, how you can do it? Is it some rocket science or what it is? Keep calm and follow these simple steps in order to start your AWSOME journey of movies, series and other digital content.

  • First of all you have to root your android device. Well, I am not in the favor of rooting your phone or device but it is the need of the time and you can’t really watch your favorite Netflix stuff for free. Either you have to pay Netflix subscription or root your phone. Choice is always yours!
  • But still I am not in the favor of rooting your phone because it can be harmful for your phone. I have a quick solution for it that you can buy a cheaper android phone specifically for this purpose that will not be a big deal for you then.
  • After rooting your phone, you have to download any streaming app that can allow you to watch your favorite stuff online for free. Well I am personally using Appflix for this purpose and I am pretty satisfied with this. You can rely on my choice too if you want to. Or you can look for any other alternative app to this.
  • Now, if you have installed the Appflix app for streaming free Netflix content, then I will be guiding you furthermore.
  • Download the Appflix app from the mentioned source and unzip the APK file in order to install that on your phone. It will ask your for permission to install the app from unknown sources. Allow that!
  • It will take 5 seconds maximum to install Appflix in your phone. After installing the Appflix APK app in your android device. You have already covered the major stuff that you had to do.
  • Now, open the app and there your will see a lot of options. You have to search or select the content that you are looking for. One of the very biggest comfort of this app is you can download your favortie stuff through this app and can watch anytime later when you are ease. Either you are travelling or doing something just download your favorite stuff in the background and enjoy it when you get free.

I hope, I have cleared each and everything that you were looking for. Still, if anything is left please comment below so I will add that into the guide.

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